Holiday Magic

Dearest Angels, 

Holiday Magic is flowing within you as the magic of the season is alive all around you. This magic is in celebrations as you connect with family and friends. By experiencing a connection you are apart of your community. This community connective feeling is energetic and electrifies energy. This energy that is created is LOVE and LOVE uplifts you and fills you with LIGHT. Light that you feel and experience as part of your world, part of your universe, and part of your essence. The essence of who you are as a bright and beautiful soul. This connection is awakening in you as you flow in your light and experience.

Creating magic and memories during the holidays is taking a moment to feel by asking yourself how you are feeling. Take a moment and think of something memorable from your past Holiday Experiences… Christmas Past … Birthdays …. and different events throughout this past year. Take sometime writing these words down. Please remember there are no wrong answers this is just a collection of thoughts of how you feel. Please remember to breath during this exercise. Next write down all of the grateful feelings you feel, even if its just a simple “Thank you for that experience”. Take a moment and reflect. What types of experiences would you like to experience during the rest of the year and Holiday season (Christmas and New Years) in these moments you are creating your experience, these feelings are reflecting what is yet to come. I like to think of Christmas Present as the now (today’s date and time) and Christmas Future is this Christmas (this blog’s date would be Friday December 25, 2015. Perhaps by the time you my lovely bight angel read this Divine Message the date would change). Take sometime and write down and or think of your Dreams, Wishes and Desires.

You can create moments and memories during the holidays that is your true magic!

May the magic of the spirit of the season bring you blessings of love and light!

Love, light, blessing and Soulsensa Energy

Love Jaclyn xoxo

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