Energy Modalities and Services

Welcome to your soul journey through Soulsensa Energy, Divine Wisdom and Energy Work

My Divine Wisdom, light, energy modalities and Soulsensa Energy that I share and use is held in the Highest Divine Light Order of Accordance. My intention is to work with the raw energy in its pure form just as my soul remembers experiencing it. This is my soul light connected promise to you.

The name Soulsensa Energy is translated into English from Origin Energy, part of Creation Energy. This energy is very strong in pure energy form which heightens your awareness. Soulsensa Energy is your ethereal soul light energy signature.

To support your souls vibrational energy I re-structure, re-grid and re-align by changing and shifting unwanted and lower energies off of your soul body by raising your soul’s vibrations as well clear and align energy channels of the body. This vibrational shift happens through integration of grid work. This is supportive for all soul bodies.

My role during your session experience is to open your soul light and soul connection to your higher self and the Higher Light Realm. I share my Divine Wisdom through channeled messages from God/Creator/Source, your soul, awakened self, higher self and higher light. I also incorporate messages by sound healing vibrations, through singing bowls and native flutes.

At the beginning of the healing session while you are laying comfortably on the energy work table I set energy intentions through a prayer. I start with holding my hands on your feet to help you align and ground. Then I bring in a blanket of energy to start the session.

I am passionate and honoured to share my divine wisdom with you through my divine channellings, and though an interactive Jaclyn experience during our time together. Appointments are made at a mutually convenient date and time.

Energy Modalities Energy Modalities

Energy Realm Modalities:

Divine Wisdom, Energy Work and Soulsensa Energy

Individual Soul Experience

1 hour
*Pricing and rate available upon request

Couple or Small Group Soul Experience

1 hour and 30 minutes
*Group rate available upon request

Vibrations Rising Circle

Are gatherings that I host to raise souls vibrations. I start with a prayer of invocation to set the intention followed with a meditation and mini energy sessions. Then I share my Divine Wisdom through a channeled Divinely guided topic and activity with a group discussion. This happens through experiencing a Soul Family connection during  our group time together. I use Sound healing during a meditation through the use of my singing bowls, drum and flutes.
*Please note pre-registration is required

Divine Wisdom Series

Is where I share my light through my Divine Wisdom and Soulsensa Energy in the form of Divinely guided techniques in a series of workshops and intuitive development experiences

Angel Party

 Is a group session started with a meditation that leads into energy work followed by a small break for refreshments then a group share of experiences and questions during a channeled session
2 hours
*Topics and group rates available upon request

Angel Prayers

Distance remote energy work. The process of Prayers as energy work can be sent out once or over multiple days (costs will vary) depending what is Divinely Guided or asked by the client and or recipient.
*Please note the recipient must be open to receive

Payment as an energy exchange is made in full at the beginning of your session.

Please note the number of individual angels is to be given prior to your scheduled session.
Method of payment is given in angel dollars (Canadian cash).
Little Ones are very special beings of light and I feel that over charging children for a soul experience session is something that I cannot do. I have reduced rates for children 12 and under.

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