Message To Souls

Message to Souls
Hello Beautiful Light Beings, Souls Of Light and Angels Of Earth;

There are so many different energy healers, channellers, practitioners and different modalities in the world today. What I have noticed as being a light being experiencing earth in a physical form for the first time is that each and every practitioner channels light energy in their own way. What I have learned about different healing modalities is the practitioners way of teaching, communicating, showing and expressing what they have learned through their comprehension of energy. Everyone has a different soul experience, and reaction to energy, and interprets energy differently.

Everyone interacts and connects with souls. There are those experiencing on the Earth Realm that work with souls a little differently from their souls perspective of wisdom and experience. These light beings can help you as a soul, awaken and remember who you are.  

Your soul and awakened self knows what is for your best and highest good. By trusting our inner soul’s light compass, we are gifted and blessed by receiving answers from our soul divine wisdom. Your soul can seem hard to connect with and this is why asking questions and having channeled prayers answered through self work or guidance from a Divine Light Helper is very supportive energy.

When we collectively learn, connect and are in complete trust that all of our soul light self expression here on the Earth Realm is in harmony and balance then we will be in the energy, vibration and harmonious expression of the golden age (Higher Vibrational Earth Realm Energy).

Thank you all for being on earth at this exciting time! Your prayers have been heard, answers are here, and the Wisdom of the ages is Divinely given.

Let your soul shine!

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