My name is Jaclyn and this is my first Earth body form experience (other than my origin). My original origin form looks like a big ball of bright light. Many of you have had other experiences in and on different planets and parts of the Universe.

I work with the purest forms of light, this is also known as Creation Light from the sacred space you know as the Higher Light Realm. From where I emanate my souls’ eternal feminine Divine Wisdom; my true nature and soul perspective.

I love to help and support souls. This is my true nature.

I have always been connected to Divine/GOD/Creator/Source and channeling messages for as long as I can remember. I never really thought of it as connected until it was pointed out to me through others in my Earth experience.

One of my early experiences with visions is seeing myself fall down the attic stairs just before I did. This vision was just before I took a step down. I did not hurt myself falling because the stairs were carpeted. My experience was more like a fun slide on the way down. I needed this experience to happen to me so I would not forget this enlightened vision. By remembering the experience I created an energetic memory connection.

Through my earth journey I have learned different words, phrases and terminologies for describing energy. These words have come from spiritual workshops that I have taken on Earth Realm energy healing modalities. As well as reading energy through my life purpose experience. I have taken angel workshops and learned Rainbow Energy Healing Modality; along with Reiki II. Taking these workshops has given me the sense and experience of community. I honour my gifted experiences so that I will share with others.

I chose Jaclyn’s Divine Wisdom® because I have been told I am wise beyond my years. I chose to say I love to share my light though my Divine Wisdom and Soulsensa Energy because I am a Divine Spiritual Teacher sharing Divine Truth. All of the energy modalities that I work with are held and used in the Highest Divine Light Order of Accordance.

As you get to know me, you will recognize me by my energy signature.
You can identify my energy signature and vibration through my Divine Life Purpose Work. This way you can sense me just by my energy.

Grounding and being apart of earth energy has showed me a connection to our beautiful and magnificent planet. Being proactive and advocating for a world in which we love and supporting life on earth is bringing in the higher vibrational earth energy and this is why I became a member of  Burlington Green.

Burlington Green’s logo and slogan are owned by the organization for more information please visit  https://www.burlingtongreen.org


About Jaclyn's Divine WisdomI want to thank GOD/Creator/Source, and my soul
My Mom, Dad (Thank you Dad for the sun picture I love it!) and brother Grant along with my stepmom Melanie
My cat helper Edgar
My helpful and supportive deceased loved ones
And of course all of my amazing magical and wonderful Divine Helpers
A special thank you to Joanne for helping my Mom and I edit my website notes
A special thank you to Melissa at The White Corner Creative for helping to make my website dreams come true

Love, light and gratitude Jaclyn xoxo