Welcome to Jaclyn’s Divine Wisdom®

My soul was born at the dawn of time and as ancient as time itself. My earth-birth name is Jaclyn and I love to share my light through my Divine Wisdom and Soulsensa Energy. My Divine Wisdom is my soul wisdom experience from the birth of my Creation.

My Dearest Creation,

Your soul and soul light are your eternal eyes and soul wisdom perception. Re-Awakening and remembering your soul gifts and abilities allows you to discover your light inside of you that was brought to life, at the birth of your creation. Be open to all that awaits you on your journey as you embrace the blessings of love and ethereal light from your soul. Experiencing a connection through Soulsensa Energy and your soul light connection awakens you to your unique personal soul light gifts from Divine/God/Creator/Source.

Thank you!

Love, light and Soulsensa Energy