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Self Love and Connection with your Soul

Dear Ones, Love is a vibration that emanates as a frequency that is energy in pure form. This connection is an energetic link formed by your conscious awareness. Self love is more than just I love myself and connection to your root, grounded in your physical being. It is a love of self and self that loves. To love oneself is to love you as a Soul by acknowledging your soul connection in your physical body. In this moment you are experiencing a connection to self love. Love radiates, vibrates and connecting to this is your soul experience.

Love, light and blessings of Soulsensa Energy®


New Year New Energy 2017

Dearest Angels, this year is about a brand new year, new beginnings, a new chapter and a new time. Cycles are a part of nature and bring forth a change in perspective. This is presented as a gift of awareness. I see many changes for the year and many opportunities for a deep and lasting change. Some changes come with an overwhelming sensation of emotions. In these moments you are presented with a choice to allow something to bother you or to not. When something does not bother you the choice is easy to let it go. When a choice brings up emotions or an emotional response it can be hard to comprehend and cope with. I have seen the most deep and connective changes bring forth new perspectives and a new awareness through the journey itself. Be willing to be open to your greatest change and the blessings that it brings.

Love, light and blessings of Soulsensa Energy.


Energy waves and patterns

Dearest Light, Energy waves and patterns are representations of changes that are occurring. These changes are lighting the way the truth and the life. The Energy Wave is life sparking light energy and the way the pattern works is presented as conscious connected understandings of Divine and Energy. This is a time where a sacred energetic space is being held, in the Highest Light. The form comes in Souls processing Energy as well as information. The information is what the individual soul channels and interpret as their soul perception. During this time many will hear others words as opinions and Channeled Messages of Wisdom. Each and every Soul has the opportunity to experience a connection of their own awakening at their own time. This process takes as long as a Soul needs and can not be rushed. The experience of an awakening is a Conscious Self and Soul Connection, this represents the journey that is taken to find the path. There are changes that can be synchronistic with the Earth, other planets and moons, as well as in other energy fields; however these changes many not by in sync or direct relation to these types of energy. With this knowledge and understanding this brings great relief. Do not worry or fear these changes, this divine and master plan is all for your best and highest good, held in the highest light. On a Soul level you already know! The Earth is supporting and we are living in this vast and beautiful Gift; because the Earth is part of Creation and Planetary Energy, the earth already knows you can do this and this is the magic of true light.

Love, Light and Soulsensa Energy™


Harmonization of Energy

Dearest Angels of light and harmony,

Harmonizing energy and collective consciousness is your Soul and Soul Light as a Heart Light Energy connection. This connection can be presented as “when we all collectively are in harmony then we can…” this mentality brings about change. Harmonizing this energy of peace with yourself brings peaceful balance to your inner world. Balance is harmonization of energy, and energy in harmony. This is felt as calm and perceived as peaceful. Dear Ones, You can be in harmony now!

Message of love and connection from your Soul: I am open to receiving the blessings of Harmonic Energy from the light of my Soul as connected to God/Creator/Source

LOVE, LIGHT, BLESSINGS and Soulsensa Energy™


harmonic energy


New Years Energy

Dearest Angels,

This new year awakens new energy and a new era of understanding, interpreting, connecting and communicating what it means in defining Divine Gifts; as expressing these gifts and abilities as energy. During this time and for years to follow you will experience what this understanding and soul perspective is.

The difference in energy is being expressed and communicated through many energy healers and practitioners. What they are doing is taking action and expressing through verbal channeled messages of communication and physical moment energy during energy healing modalities and techniques is a way of bridging this gap of “I know this,” I understand this,”  and “How does this process work?” These questions are being asked as a way to seek to understand.

Angels please remember this experience is  something you must accomplish on your own as part of your soul journey on earth.

The most common phrase I hear from Spirit is “How could I not know it was right there in front of me!” Dear Ones, you have asked and prayed for help, guidance, wisdom and support for answers. The way, shape and form that these answers will manifest will be bought about and will come in there way, they are to be received. These Divinely Guided Answers and Messages from God/Creator/Source are going to be bought about in a way that you may and may not recognize. It is important to remember this as you go along your journey. Messages and Wisdom of the Ages can and will come though physical presences experiencing a journey on this Earth. These helpers may be recognizable and unrecognizable as they may not be very well known. A very strong Soul indicator is that you will be drawn to their LIGHT first and their Wisdom second. This my Dear Ones is the connection that will be the Hearts Light!

May this new Divine Energy light guide your way back to a sacred space and place you remember as a Soul

LOVE, LIGHT, BLESSINGS and Soulsensa Energy™

Holiday Magic

Dearest Angels, 

Holiday Magic is flowing within you as the magic of the season is alive all around you. This magic is in celebrations as you connect with family and friends. By experiencing a connection you are apart of your community. This community connective feeling is energetic and electrifies energy. This energy that is created is LOVE and LOVE uplifts you and fills you with LIGHT. Light that you feel and experience as part of your world, part of your universe, and part of your essence. The essence of who you are as a bright and beautiful soul. This connection is awakening in you as you flow in your light and experience.

Creating magic and memories during the holidays is taking a moment to feel by asking yourself how you are feeling. Take a moment and think of something memorable from your past Holiday Experiences… Christmas Past … Birthdays …. and different events throughout this past year. Take sometime writing these words down. Please remember there are no wrong answers this is just a collection of thoughts of how you feel. Please remember to breath during this exercise. Next write down all of the grateful feelings you feel, even if its just a simple “Thank you for that experience”. Take a moment and reflect. What types of experiences would you like to experience during the rest of the year and Holiday season (Christmas and New Years) in these moments you are creating your experience, these feelings are reflecting what is yet to come. I like to think of Christmas Present as the now (today’s date and time) and Christmas Future is this Christmas (this blog’s date would be Friday December 25, 2015. Perhaps by the time you my lovely bight angel read this Divine Message the date would change). Take sometime and write down and or think of your Dreams, Wishes and Desires.

You can create moments and memories during the holidays that is your true magic!

May the magic of the spirit of the season bring you blessings of love and light!

Love, light, blessing and Soulsensa Energy

Love Jaclyn xoxo