New Years Energy

Dearest Angels,

This new year awakens new energy and a new era of understanding, interpreting, connecting and communicating what it means in defining Divine Gifts; as expressing these gifts and abilities as energy. During this time and for years to follow you will experience what this understanding and soul perspective is.

The difference in energy is being expressed and communicated through many energy healers and practitioners. What they are doing is taking action and expressing through verbal channeled messages of communication and physical moment energy during energy healing modalities and techniques is a way of bridging this gap of “I know this,” I understand this,”  and “How does this process work?” These questions are being asked as a way to seek to understand.

Angels please remember this experience is  something you must accomplish on your own as part of your soul journey on earth.

The most common phrase I hear from Spirit is “How could I not know it was right there in front of me!” Dear Ones, you have asked and prayed for help, guidance, wisdom and support for answers. The way, shape and form that these answers will manifest will be bought about and will come in there way, they are to be received. These Divinely Guided Answers and Messages from God/Creator/Source are going to be bought about in a way that you may and may not recognize. It is important to remember this as you go along your journey. Messages and Wisdom of the Ages can and will come though physical presences experiencing a journey on this Earth. These helpers may be recognizable and unrecognizable as they may not be very well known. A very strong Soul indicator is that you will be drawn to their LIGHT first and their Wisdom second. This my Dear Ones is the connection that will be the Hearts Light!

May this new Divine Energy light guide your way back to a sacred space and place you remember as a Soul

LOVE, LIGHT, BLESSINGS and Soulsensa Energy™

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