New Year New Energy 2017

Dearest Angels, this year is about a brand new year, new beginnings, a new chapter and a new time. Cycles are a part of nature and bring forth a change in perspective. This is presented as a gift of awareness. I see many changes for the year and many opportunities for a deep and lasting change. Some changes come with an overwhelming sensation of emotions. In these moments you are presented with a choice to allow something to bother you or to not. When something does not bother you the choice is easy to let it go. When a choice brings up emotions or an emotional response it can be hard to comprehend and cope with. I have seen the most deep and connective changes bring forth new perspectives and a new awareness through the journey itself. Be willing to be open to your greatest change and the blessings that it brings.

Love, light and blessings of Soulsensa Energy.


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