Energy waves and patterns

Dearest Light, Energy waves and patterns are representations of changes that are occurring. These changes are lighting the way the truth and the life. The Energy Wave is life sparking light energy and the way the pattern works is presented as conscious connected understandings of Divine and Energy. This is a time where a sacred energetic space is being held, in the Highest Light. The form comes in Souls processing Energy as well as information. The information is what the individual soul channels and interpret as their soul perception. During this time many will hear others words as opinions and Channeled Messages of Wisdom. Each and every Soul has the opportunity to experience a connection of their own awakening at their own time. This process takes as long as a Soul needs and can not be rushed. The experience of an awakening is a Conscious Self and Soul Connection, this represents the journey that is taken to find the path. There are changes that can be synchronistic with the Earth, other planets and moons, as well as in other energy fields; however these changes many not by in sync or direct relation to these types of energy. With this knowledge and understanding this brings great relief. Do not worry or fear these changes, this divine and master plan is all for your best and highest good, held in the highest light. On a Soul level you already know! The Earth is supporting and we are living in this vast and beautiful Gift; because the Earth is part of Creation and Planetary Energy, the earth already knows you can do this and this is the magic of true light.

Love, Light and Soulsensa Energy™


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